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Life Insurance

Life cover is protecting your loved ones and finding the right insurance for you is something M6 Mortgage Advice can help you with.

Critical Illness Cover

This covers you if you were to ever suffer from a serious illness. Many will know someone that has suffered from a life changing illness and the affect it can have on not only them but the whole family, so the best thing you can do is cover yourself.

How would you and your family cope if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? There are many different policies available in the market place – each with their own unique offerings. Trying to decide which is the best for your circumstances can be difficult, which is why M6 Mortgage Advice will help you to get the best cover for your needs.

Income Protection

If you are injured or too ill to work, this insurance will pay you a replacement income to ensure that your current and future financial commitments can be supported. There are many different policies available depending on your situation, M6 Mortgage Advice will help you find the right product for you.

Building and Contents Insurance

It is important to protect your home and its contents. M6 Mortgage Advice can find a suitable product for the level of cover you need.

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